Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jeremy, Why Did You Change Your Story?

Dear Jeremy,

Judging by your second reply, you seem to be slowly acknowledging the accuracy of what I am saying.

As I said before, it doesn't really matter who I am. I respect your right to raise issues you believe are important to you. But I am entitled to do the same.

What matters is the issue and the strength of the argument on either side.

In one blog post you said you taped the converstation with Steve Roach because you were 'a journalist investigating a crime'.

The you said it was it was because it was for personal use.

It was either one or the other. You have changed your story.

You are right that we are all entitled to record personal calls. By personal, most people mean calls to their mum. Or husband. Or whoever. They don't mean calls which are then extensively written up all over Twitter, the blogs, and then in several newspapers.

It is true that you could have made notes of the conversation and perfectly legally written it up. But you didn't. You taped it. You may think the law on preventing taping of calls is silly. You may well be right in that view. But it happens to be the law.

I happen to think it is important. At the moment, the likes of Vodafone and Barclays don't routinely record all our calls - at least not without asking our permission. But if we allow people like you to do it then they soon will.

So it matters. The surveillance society is encroaching on all of us and we have to make a stand.

At the very least, you could admit you were  wrong to tape the call with Steve Roach.

Incidentally, there is nothing abusive about calling you a right-wing public school man. You are a man (I'm happy to be corrected on this point - but it certainly appears that way). According to this website you went to Horris Hill prep school (current fees £7500 per term). And then to boarding school - not many of those in the state sector! As for right-wing, every article by you I can find is very right-wing. But hey, maybe you just write that kind of stuff for the Torygraph for the money.


  1. Please do show me a right-wing article I've written, Steve.

    I called you as a journalist. I recorded you for my personal use: it provided a better account than writing notes. My personal use in that I have not made the tape public, and can't, because it's illegal.

    I've explained this several times.

  2. Honestly, why don't you close this strange form of harrasment down? it's fucking bizarre.

  3. Maria

    Here is a screenshot that might interest you. It was taken from Stephen Leather's Facebook profile in August, before he changed his settings to private (ie it was on display to the public, which is how I have it). In it, Stephen Leather quotes an email he's received from Steve Roach for the apparent sole purpose of ridiculing him to his friends. It is all quite revealing.

    Considering your commitment to standing up for Steve Roach's rights to have the privacy of his correspondence respected, perhaps your attentions should be focused elsewhere?

  4. "What matters is the issue and the strength of the argument on either side."

    What matters are the facts, none of which Maria/Steve appear to comprehend despite being given primary source evidence. And yet they persist in pretending to be a lawyer! Your slip is showing, Maria/Steve.

    All this tells me is that Steve Roach has some very deep psychological issues that are rooted in feelings of inadequacy. He has to pretend he's a woman with a highfalutin job to appear more important than himself. He can no longer act in propria persona. He is ashamed of who he has allowed himself to become - Leather's bitch. The grovelling obsequience to Leather is there for all to see (Steve's comment 7 September 2012). Leather really doesn't give a shit about Roach. To him Roach is as expendable as one of his sockpuppets.

  5. R. Cartwright, Steve Roach has now told me that he is not behind this website. I think we need to be careful here - Stephen Leather is a bestselling author who has personally abused and bullied this man online for a long time. I'm as annoyed as anyone that this site is here and I have to answer it, but let's not stoop to bullying him as well, please.


  6. Am I the only one who thinks 'Maria' is just a random troll completely unconnected to this affair?

  7. It may well be. But either way, the situation is simple: I haven't broken the law or behaved unethically in any way. I reported what Steve Roach said to me, and would have done whether I had recorded it or not. I can't make the recording itself public or share it with anyone without his expression permission, and won't.

    Steve Roach has now asked in another comment for this blog to be closed down. We both hope it is.

  8. Pssst, Steve - To delete a blog, log into your blogger account. In the Dashboard chose this blog, then press the Setting button and there you'll find the Delete Blog option.

  9. "I haven't broken the law or behaved unethically in any way"

    Now Jerermy we all know that is not true. You recorded a conversation with Mr Roach without telling him that you were doing so and then you passed information from that call to other journalists and to blogwriters who made that information public and that is both breaking the law and behaving unethically. It is for instance against the newspaper editors code of practise. Yet again you are proved to be a liar. Elsewhere on this blog you threaten to blackmail Mr Roach and accuse him of being the author of this blog. Those actions would also seem to me to be illegal and unethical. You also nameanother individual as being the author of this blog with no proof at all. That is unethical behaviour. I also fimd the comments made by R Cartwright to be so similar to those of Mr Duns that I suspect they are one and the same. The comment made by "Steve" on September 7 is very similar to comments made by Mr Duns and I suspect that Mr Duns is behind that post too. It seems to me that Mr Duns is posting here using several names to make it appear that people are jumping to his defense.